Ryan Spiteri  Garage Muscle LLC.  CEO, Founder and Master Trainer.

Ryan Spiteri Garage Muscle LLC. CEO, Founder and Master Trainer.

Ryan Spiteri is a professional fitness trainer and entrepreneur residing in the Metro Detroit Area.

Through a series of self applied  educational techniques  obtained early on, Ryan has an indescribable optimistic outlook on his own personal life and passion for the health and fitness industry.

Ryan became active within the fitness field at the age of 13. In an effort to increase his   knowledge and continue the growth of his passion, he took on jobs working at various fitness clubs and supplement retail facilities. By age 19, Ryan secured his first official certification as a personal trainer.

Ryan currently holds a certification via the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), with concentrations on bio-mechanics and physiology. Ryan also carries a certification in Kettlebell and TRX. Ryan is also an approved mixed martial arts referee credited by the Association of Boxing Commissions. He is a regular contributor to an assortment of local/national charity’s and maintains a strong involvement through his own Anti- Bullying Campaign as a motivational speaker/spokesman  too positively impact young adults and children. Also on his list of accolades, Ryan is a certified minister, model and part time photographer.

In 2007 Ryan remained persistent for success and founded the company Garage Muscle LLC. The  overview of the company was developed through Ryan’s unorthodox training techniques and well structured fitness programs, all of which were available to his clients using his partially finished 2 car garage and the local high school field track.

In an effort to generate new clientele, Ryan began sponsoring local professional/amateur mixed martial arts shows. Because of the level of popularity and the hundreds of thousands of fans and enthusiasts the sport was attracting at each venue, it was deemed a perfect marketing ground for potential prospects. However, the company was overwhelmed with positive feedback and intrigued the general population, offering apparel, accessories and supplements.

Ryan became highly developed in 2011 when he launched his  collection  of  casual/sport apparel and accessories brand, “Trained In Detroit”.   among the sports entertainment industry. The brand is universally marketed towards all sports, athletes,fans and sports enthusiasts, with the intention of giving off a positive energy of dedication, loyalty, determination and  other key characteristics for success.

Trained In Detroit became a registered trademark of Garage Muscle LLC. in 2012 and Ryan is currently seeking licensing opportunities with local professional sports organizations, hoping to reverse  the negative reputation imposed on  Detroit’s iconic athletes.



Brad Sharpe  is a Marine Corps and Iraqi War veteran who grew up in Metro Detroit. After years of travelling the world and country, he has returned to the Detroit area to raise his daughter and continue his career in the health and fitness industry.

While serving Brad started competing in weight lifting competitions on base, which lead to his need to push himself and challenge what people are capable of doing with their bodies. This is where he began training other Marines who needed to either gain strength or lose weight in order to maintain the standards of America’s elite fighting force.

Currently, in the process of finishing a degree in Exercise Science, Brad has taken his experiences in the Marine Corps and adapted them to a style of training that will push any athlete or beginner to their limits. Combining high-intensity circuit training, resistance training, kickboxing, and many other techniques Brad will get the best results out of any client.