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by Ally Ferreira on Garage Muscle LLC.
Beyond Appreciative

The best move I have ever made in my entire life was committing to Garage Muscle and this personal training experience with Ryan. He is extremely well educated, beyond passionate and genuinely invested in my health and commitment to this program.I feel that Ryan has given me quality of life and hope for my future. What used to be impossible for me is not only possible BUT FUN and POSITIVE!!Thank you, Ryan!

by Jennifer on Garage Muscle LLC.
Thanks Ryan!!

I've been working privately with Ryan for almost 2 years, learning kickboxing/self-defense as well as occasional weight lifting and cardio. Ryan is not only a knowledgeable and effective trainer but also a wonderful person who genuinely cares about his clients and community. I've really enjoyed growing stronger, being inspired, and having fun (as well as watching his business expand) week after week, and I recommend him to anyone pursuing holistic health and well-being. Thank you, Ryan!! 🙂

by alessandra Romanesse on Garage Muscle LLC.

Garage muscle, has been the most awarding thing to have happen to myself. I have gained more motivation towards working out, I have been being consistent . garage muscle gets you into the shape you wish to pick, it helps you gain self confidence . my trainer Ryan is very helpful. They know what they are proceeding towards clients! Garage muscle is by far 100% the best !!!

by Tammy on Garage Muscle LLC.
KickBoxing Class

I had my first Kickboxing class today - it was Amazing and exhilarating can not wait for the next one! Thanks Ryan

by Don Brecht on Garage Muscle LLC.
Amazing Health Coach & Trainer

Ryan and his Garage Muscle facilities are one of a kind. Love it being so local and NON-Commercialized. Love the backyard & rugged vibe you get while being there. Garage Muscle is THE GREATEST thing that has happened to me personally from a HEALTH perspective! My wife and I were fortunate enough to meet Ryan and test out his facilities back in March/April 2014 time frame and have been hooked since. While we have a long road ahead of us we are absolutely BEYOND satisfied with the results we are seeing & feeling. We have been in every class that he offers! We are losing LBS and Inches. My personal growth towards a healthier lifestyle is beyond anything Ive ever expected! Ryan is very personable & great at motivation. He pushes you to your max. His knowledge, love, & passion in health & fitness is above & beyond. We truly appreciate everything you have done and will continue to do for us Ryan. Keep going and inspiring! Also, we CANNOT FORGET to give a shout out to our extended Garage Muscle family! You guys are great and help in more ways than you know in our healthier lifestyle journey! THANK YOU! And Remember... This is NO PLANET FICTION! BEAST MODE!! BOOOOM!!

by Colleen on Garage Muscle LLC.
Highly Recommend

Ryan goes above and beyond with all of his clients! I found this place through Groupon and I've gone to 6 classes so far. It's always something different, never boring. Ryan even measured our body fat and is developing meal plans for us- he is truly committed to a healthy lifestyle and helping us meet our fitness goals.

by Aniyah Monroe on Garage Muscle LLC.
Great Great Great

GREAT ....GREAT...GREAT...GREAT gym to workout at. I don't have one bad thing to say about Garage Muscle. Ryan always brings his "A" game to the session(s) and really puts my body on edge. I like the fact that every day is something new, it keeps me intrigued making exercise fun. I started seeing results after the first couple of weeks. I noticed my energy levels increase and found myself being more active with my kids on the weekends. I recommend Ryan and his training facility to anyone looking to train with a good, experienced dedicated trainer.

by Robin on Garage Muscle LLC.
Absolutely Recommended Trainer

Before I became a client of Ryan's, I had been exercising for almost 1 year straight, I was going to the gym everyday, watching what I was eating and doing the elliptical machine after every workout but, for some reason I just couldn't loose the weight. I lost a little bit in the beginning but, not as much as I had my heart set on and I still was carrying fat/flab in areas I was hoping to target to loose. As a mother and wife it was important for me to stay healthy and active. I had always wanted to look into hiring a personal trainer but, overseeing the trainers at my gym texting, talking and acknowledging other people neglecting their client during session, contributed to my decision to continue on my own. Still though months later I just couldn't shake the weight and after speaking to my husband about it, he mentioned looking into getting a personal trainer. Being a mother of 4, a full time wife and working 30+hrs a week didn't leave me with much time to search for a trainer, so my husband said he'd ask around his office to see if anyone would give recommendations. One of his co-workers told him to look up a company called Garage Muscle, she had said that her husband trained with Ryan and lost 42lbs within the first 8 weeks of his program. My husbands co-worker had nothing but positive things to say about Garage Muscle and the trainer Ryan. So, as you can guess I called Ryan at Garage Muscle www.garagemuscle.com (248)808-9514 and I'm now down 15lbs and about to begin the 5th week of my program. Ryan really is very inspirational keeping me motivated to push my body. He gave me a custom meal plan that explains in detail good foods, bad foods, how to prepare meals, how to select healthy snacks etc...there's no starving myself of carbs or a miracle pill i take. He also gave me a cross training cardio program to do on the days I don't workout with him, he monitors my blood pressure once a week and schedules weigh-ins every 4 weeks to check; body fat, body weight, measurements and talk about the progress of my program. he's always available to answer any question i have, Ryan literally covers everything, I've learned so much from him in such a short period of time i can't wait to see my progress come January. IF YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT GETTING A PERSONAL TRAINER AND WANT TO SEE RESULTS, CALL RYAN AT GARAGE MUSCLE... SERIOUSLY DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ANYONE ELSE... He's currently has 2 locations and will have a third location called Trained In Detroit Athletic Club opening soon: 29235 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights, MI. and 1585 Crescent LK RD Waterford, Michigan 48327.

by Gina Kopitz on Garage Muscle LLC.
Fantastic Trainer

I found Ryan through a friend for my son for football. Ryan was in contact with me in his progress and worked with financially. He trained my son 3 days a week and then towards the end 5 days. He reported to football camp at college and is doing exceptionally well. Ryan had him so ready it was amazing he gave him a meal plan and found the right protein for him. He educated my son on fitness and health. Ryan left such an impact on him that he will be with Ryan in the spring and summer next year. My son was always looking forward to going to the gym. Ryan took the time and dedication hours spent with my son. Ryan was amazing and to him to every potentials inside him. The contact he kept with on his progress was very inspirational and took me as a parent to a different outlook on personal trainers. Ryan is just not a personal trainer he is your friend and takes the time to know you as a person. Ryan is so knowledgeable in his field and very very dedicated to his clients and passionate on what he does the passion he has for Athletes is unbelievable, I can not explain it. I myself have decided that I will be starting some training sessions with Ryan real soon. He educated my son on health and how to turn life decisions around and turn fat into muscle with the education he gave to my son. Ryan really inspired my son not as a personal trainer but as a friend and a MENTOR. My son is looming forward to coming home on breaks to go work out with Ryan, My son is now going to seek his personal training certification he has spoken to Ryan on this and Ryan is going to guide him through it. Ryan I highly recommend and would not go anywhere else.
Thank you Ryan for you being my sons trainer.

by Adam Kootz on Garage Muscle LLC.
NCAA Ready!

Ryan trained me for Football. I went to Concordia to play at the next level division 3 NCAA. He is knowledgeable and took my BMI gave me a meal plan worked me to my full potential. I was with him 3 days a week and went to 5 days before I left for college. He is such am inspiration to me and the time that he took with me at each session we would go over a bit they were 60 minute sessions. The passion Ryan has for athletes is amazing and very dedicated not only did he take me to potentials ifs work out each time and brought above it.
He provided me with a meal plan and is going to stay in co tack with me through out my football season. Ryan is by far the top notch trainer for personal and athletically that I have decided to become a trainer myself with Ryan's help and dedication to my experience to get my certification. My mom found him through a friend that is a professional athlete Ryan was highly recommended to us and it was the best thing for myself my confidence boosted. I looked forward to my sessions with Ryan. He makes you sweat and pushes you to reach that goal and works through the humps as well with you. The personal level I got to know Ryan on my breaks I will be seeing Ryan and when I come home for the summer I will be with Ryan to train for my next season. Highly recommend Ryan as your personal trainer. My mom has decided to start some sessions with Ryan as well. Ryan makes the workouts different we met outside of the gym. I showed up early to the gym before my time to train with Ryan with hard work and dedication and the dedication and time he spends with you very worth all thereupon.

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